Gansu Wudu Longfeng Mountain Development for the l


Gansu Wudu Longfeng Mountain Development for the local health resort in summer.


Adhere to the more than and 40 years of ecological construction work, summer, early autumn Gansu Wudu Longfeng Mountain into the cool world.


Mighty pressing early autumn autumn, Gansu Longnan Wudu city hot and difficult, but the distance Wudu city 20 kilometers of Longfeng Mountain is a cool and refreshing world. From the Micangshan Luyuan, Shuang Miao Cun into the Longfeng Mountain, cement concrete pavement, absolute safety. From the Han Gan Jia Gou hill into long Fengshan is cement concrete pavement.


Longfeng Mountain a million acres of artificial ecological forest, Taoist, Buddhist places of cultural activities, many Chinese herbal medicine, the most delicious potato and wild vegetables.


College of education. He often in recent years, Beijing, Nanjing, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places of Buddhist, visitors Lailong Fengshan. Nanjing xu doctor, his adviser to the empress to treat the disease, his master to Chiang Kai Shek to treat the disease. The dragon and Phoenix Mountain is to carry forward the traditional culture, the second is free to visitors and diagnose prescribe Xu doctor of traditional culture is very interested in Kunming a kindergarten class in Hubei Longmen Mountains and businessmen and entrepreneurs in Suzhou sponsorship is being built in a traditional culture, advocate from the children grabbed, inherit and carry forward our traditional culture. Taoism advocates, Buddhism, Confucianism culture of organic integration, to patriotism, honesty based, culture positive energy .


Wudu local entrepreneurs for Longfeng Mountain Ecotourism development positive contribution, repair, new buildings, daykey, master Zhan Xia actively fundraising, perfect read temple and Buddha Temple, and many city lay is carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, assist the abbot to carry out the management of temples, clean, diligent work.


Midsummer season of Longfeng Mountain wild flowers everywhere. In the mountains there are thousands of wild Chinese herbal medicine. Known as dandelion in Chinese herbal medicine penicillin, everywhere can dish.


There are a lot of Longfeng Mountain planting, planting white Qi, Radix Astragali, Radix Hedysari, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Radix Codonopsis and other herbs.


Longfeng Mountain potato is Wudu the best potato, Wudu potato stir mission mainly with dragon and Phoenix Mountain potato production. Lay in the mountains of potato silk pancake, shredded potato pancake is also very delicious.


Midsummer season, the Longfeng Mountain suitable for summer, leisure and health, to experience Buddhism practicing life, at present, in the neighboring Yang above, tile roofed house head, Dayang mountain, Shuang Miao Cun being built Farmhouse Inn, convenient visitors to the mountains to eat vegetarian food, also can add to the income of farmers. [Li Tingxian]